Our vision

What’s the future of Chapman’s Green? That’s up to all of us to decide. Now that the bowling green and pavilion are no longer in use we have a big opportunity to rethink the whole space so that we can make the most of it for the community. Below is a summary of our vision for Chapman’s Green, based on ideas from the Friends and feedback that we’ve already received from residents. You can tell us what you think via the Get Involved page.

Our vision for the park

  • We want to make this a more well-used green space – increasing the ‘social value’ of the park by reducing anti-social behaviour and littering to create a more friendly, inclusive atmosphere for everyone. This in turn will have a series of positive impacts for our community:
  • We want the park to help us build a more positive sense of place – Chapman’s Green is highly visible, wedged between two main roads, and with its greenery and its pavilion is the nearest thing we have to a local landmark. As such, we believe it has huge potential to become a positive focal point for the neighbourhood.
  • We want to build social cohesion – FOCG has the potential to be a powerful force in connecting local people from a range of backgrounds, long-standing residents and newcomers. Our community events attract people who never otherwise use the park to meet their neighbours. If we can build on this positive start we can make Chapman’s Green a real catalyst for bringing people together in our community.
  • We want to tackle social isolation and help people to enjoy spending time outdoors – both of which will be particularly important post-pandemic.

Our vision for the pavilion

  • We want to preserve and enhance this building as a heritage asset and attractive focal point for the whole community
  • We want to make this a welcoming and inclusive building that has a positive impact on local people
    • A place from which valuable services and activities can be provided
    • A place which individuals can hire for small gatherings
    • A place which FOCG can use to host community events throughout the year, bringing neighbours together
  • We want this to be an accessible space that local groups and individuals want to use

Our vision for the former bowling green

  • We want to bring a redundant former bowling green back into use in a way that attracts greater use of Chapman’s Green by a more diverse range of local people
    • A space that can be used for public events e.g. community fairs and picnics, monthly markets etc.
    • A space that can be used by local service providers and community groups in conjunction with the pavilion, and thus supporting the wellbeing of young people, disabled people, older people etc.
    • A space that can be used by those hiring the pavilion for small private gatherings
  • We want to enhance biodiversity, wildlife habitat and air quality 
    • Plants for pollinators (e.g. establishing a mini wildflower meadow) and native species
    • Wetland area
    •  Maximising the space as a ‘green lung’ that tackles the poor air quality recorded along Lordship Lane
  • We want to explore the scope for hosting community growing projects at the site, which could include:
    • Fruit trees
    • Small number of raised beds managed by FOCG or other groups e.g. from local school
  • We want to engage residents and local school children in redesigning the space
    • Helping us to ensure future changes meet local needs and interests
    • Helping us to increase a sense of local ownership of and respect for the space.