Our plans

What’s the future of Chapman’s Green? We have some ideas, but we’d love to hear what you think. Now that the bowling green and pavilion are longer in use we have a big opportunity to rethink the whole space so that we can make the most of it for the community.

In Summer 2019 we made a start by repainting the front of the building in a 1920s-inspired livery of cream and racing green – and we’ll be doing the same with the back of the building in Spring 2020. We’re working with the Council to develop plans for the inside of the building too, ensuring we can retain its heritage features whilst updating it for 21st Century uses.

And what about the disused green? Should we keep it as a lawn and use it for other sports, or for community events throughout the year? Should we turn it into a community garden for local groups to use? Or should we ‘rewild’ it to support more insect, plant and bird life? The answer is probably that we can reconfigure the space and do a combination of these things – but only if that’s what local people want. So, tell us what you think by getting involved!