Chapman’s Green 400

Chapman’s Green first appears on a map dated 1619, so in 2019 we’re celebrating its 400th birthday. We’re still deciding what shape those birthday celebrations should take, but we’ll share details here as projects develop. Here are some emerging plans below…

Party on The Green 2019 (Sunday 21st July): join us for a day of historically-inspired fun with stalls, entertainment and costumes.

Tales from The Green: Who uses the park in 2019, or has fond memories of it from years ago? In this anniversary year, we want to capture the stories of people who live around the park today or who have since moved away.

The Big Green Redesign: What do local people most want to preserve about the park and what would they change? We plan to run a public engagement project to find out and to get more of our neighbours taking part.

If you have ideas of your own, or would like to offer to help us realise our vision, get in touch via the Contact page.